When Everything Falls to Pieces

I am in a hopeless marriage, (see other stories), and have taken quite a shine to someone on EP here... and he has taken a shine to me also...

The problem is that he lives so far away - another country and I am not sure how things will work for us... and I'm very sad about that. 

I really will need someone to pickup the pieces if this all falls apart on me... my heart, spirit and soul are very fragile right now and really, in all honestly, I just need a friend....

Cheleanne Cheleanne
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Hi JunkyJim,<br />
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I am doing just that! Simplifying my life. We are selling out house and most of everything in it and moving away to start our own businesses and live peacefully. This may or may not save my marriage, but it's worth a try!

Thank-you Jo.. that is wise advice. I am so sorry about your pending divorce... it's a hard thing when you are the one who has no idea what is going on in your spouses' mind. <br />
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My husband KNOWS the problems that I have with our marriage, but refuses to acknowledge or do anything about them. I get so frustrated. We always end up fighting...and then the kids get upset. So for the moment, I'm putting up with it...and I'm positive that we will fight about it in the future. We always do!

Thanks Jane... I really appreciate you!! :-)

Big hugs to you, I am your friend. I may not be on here much but I'm here! :)

Travelman & Evil...<br />
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Thank-you so much for your great comments. I do intend to make myself and my girls happy. I'm not waiting forever and I told him that last night on the phone.<br />
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So, if in my life, someone chooses to enjoy my company, I will be very giving of my time. And if hubby can't do what he needs to do to be with his family, then I don't blame me, I blame him. He is the only one with the control to be here or not. <br />
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I definitely want to just live my life, be happy, move forward, and when my time comes, die with dignity. :)

Hi Measured<br />
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I am at such a loss here, as I don't know what to tell you. Just know you can talk to me anytime. I moved from my cowboy and now live in another province. I'm trying to make a new start for my family, and spur of the moment moving is really taking it's toll on me.....and my husband. <br />
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Tonight on the phone he yelled at me to the point where I actually hung up on him. I don't need that - it's hard for both of us - and yet, he thinks it's only HIM that is suffering. Maybe a fresh start is the thing but without the hubby......

ya i know im in the same boat,, no love,, longing for a friend / lover / buddy to share special time with,, john

This relationship is long past.... too bad because I think it could've been so wonderful... :-)<br />
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Win some, lose some....... and the pieces weren't all the scattered like I thought they would be.... but I've moved on....and now I have my cowboy! :-)

What have you got to lose?<br />
You Go Girl

girl you have a friend in me!! I only wish you the best .. I know you are going through a hard time right now..and its hard when you have to deal with all of that.. I hope you find the happiness you are looking for cause we all deserve to be happy.. {wonder how far you live from me??} you take care and just know that I do care about you! after all... you are the one who introduced me to EP!!!! lol.... luv ya girl!!

I'm sure she won't Puck... I think she may just need time to sort out the confusion... I know I do... I think if she is in love with you, she'll be there for the long haul...but you have to make sure that you will be there for her as well... sometimes this internet thing just sucks!

I'm very sad, about an identical situation.<br />
I fell head over heals in love with this girl from another country, just north of mine. It happened so fast. I feel like we were supposed to be together, but somehow fate made a mistake. I just hope and pray she doesn't give up on me.

Thanks Tumblin'<br />
<br />
I may need you I think in the near future.....

I'm your friend :)

Thanks Rosy... I will definately give that some thought....

Live for today, for tomorro may never come, dont worry about things that may or may not be, enoy your happiness with your new friend and leave things that you cant fortell to the Kord, enjoy your moments in life, stop letting it pass by because of your doubts, or else it will be you who spoils it and you will be down. xx