Good Friends Are Hard to Find

I know that I have posted my story before on other groups, but it seems like there are so many different groups having to do with the same subject. I have had friends and I have had acquaintance's before. I can truly say that the acquaintance's have turned out to be a better friend. I have learned from my experience's that you have to really read someone before really falling into a strong best friend relationship. I am sometimes a much to caring person that or I am just to gull able. I have always been taught to do for others that are in need and threat them like you would like to be treated. I have found that there are people out there that look for soft hearted people like myself and prey on them to get what they want. Not what they need. The people that I have been friends with always end up needing help in some way such as needing food, medicine, a bill paid, but when It got so bad that it was a constant thing, I had to reassess the situation and in most times than none, back away from it. You can start to see someone that does this in a friendship when the only time they call or show up is when they want something, but when you are in need for something even just to talk, they can't or they are to busy. This is what I call a one sided friendship. I go by one thing in life now and that is "smile, you never know who you are smiling at, it could be your next best friend". I know that I have always looked at life that there is good in everyone. I do know that there is also bad in some also. Just use common sense I guess. Have a great day!

yoreg yoreg
51-55, F
Oct 19, 2007