hello, im 13 and my name is Guilherme, I'm from Portugal

I have always been proud of myself for being independent, a free horse.  I do have a  number of friends, but none of that I can talk to about my problems.

 I did have a friend of wich i trusted my problems to but i haven't spoken to him in a long time and im afraid he may not be the same person he once was, able to listen to my troubles. I am independent but sometimes just need some to talk to, for i have been in much things i would like to talk about (private bf stuff).

I just feel like I need to talk to somebody about my troubles but can't, for right now there is no one i would talk to about my dark things. I do not know what to do.

I have tried to talk about this with one of my closest friends, but he wont listen and I cant talk to him either

My other friend was the best, he listened to me and I to him, but because of another friend of his and huim leaving the school i have not been able to talk to him in about 1 and 1/2 years.

 Even super man has kryptonite.

There's been a lot of kriponite in my life lately and I've been so depressed. I simply need someone to sit with under a tree or in some steps or in a dark alley against a wall to talk about my troubles. I am a good listener and I like to help people, but what do you know I have to be listened too sometimes.  I just have a feeling that I need to talk to someone, and need a big friend. I have lots of good friends but none i would talk to about this stuff.

My family isn't the talkative tipe and not very secretive.

Besides the friend i talked about before I have 2 big friends, and I connect with the 2 of them, but it's like I never have the courage or the situation (lots of people around 1 of my friends ) to ask them if they could listen to my troubles for awhile

Nobody can realise how deep under (dark) water  I am.

I feel as if darkness was surrounding me and I was being swallen by a sea of dark water.

As if all atempts to swim to the surface were futile.

The darkness is just too much at times, sometimes it feels as I can't hold my tears in.

For all I've done, too much bad things I think.

Things I regret.

Im so sad...

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Hi! I am samantha and I am fourteen.Please, dont feel alone. I would love to talk to you I may understand how deep down the ocean you really are. i like being independant to but honestly, its nice to know somebodys there. When you need it. <br />
<br />
Love ,<br />

No one knows how deep under (dark) water I am