Naturist Massage

I am a part time massage therapist and regularly advertise in various magazines,being a male it is quite difficult to get many clients.
i decided to advertise in a well none naturist mag and started to get more local clients,then one day I was called by a guy from London who was coming to my part of the country,he askled if I would massage both him and his wife,obviously I agreed .
I met them in a hotel he was probably 40 and his wife was a little younger quite slim and attractive.
We went to their room where I assembled my couch and Bob asked to be massaged first,he swiftly ******** and stood looking at me then said ,well i ordered a naturist massage and asked me to be naked too,I laughed and agreed and his wife asked if she could stay and watch ,which once more i had no issue with,I had never done this before and I am a straight guy but I found it stragly erotic and began to become erect ,I appologised and said I would dress,no they said in unison it's OK ,Bob wanted his back massaged first when he turned over he too had an erection,I tried not to look but it was a little hard not to,when I thought I had completed the massage they looked at me and asked if I was not going to massage his penis ,I told them I did not do this to which his wife replied not for a futher £100 ,I was surprised at this but needed the money so with plenty of oil I began to massage him,I had never felt a mans penis before but soon I was wanking him off hjis wife watching intensly and he soon came over his belly,he thanked me and then it was his wifes turn,she undressed and stood in front of me ,as you can see she needs a trim down below her husband said would you mind doing this please and he produced a waxing kit ,I had been shown how to do this by a therapist friend so I agreed ,she hardly fliched at all and soon she was as smooth as I could make her,I have to admit she had a pretty little *****.
I proceeded with the massage massageing her front first and then she rolled over ,while massaging her legs and buttocks I could not helpp but glance at her naked **** and tiny bum hole all the time stood with a massive erection,eventually I finished and stood back from the table ,they had refused to have towels over them so she was led naked in front of me then her husband said well come on my wife needs finishing off,obviously I knew what he wanted me to do so I gently began massaging around her ***** she lifted he hips slightly off the bed so I insrted my fingers and gently massaged her internally her lovly little bum hole slightly parted I took a little oil and asked if she would like a bum massage she agreed so I was soon fingering her bum hole and ***** she came with a gush then rolled over,please dont stop she said so I asked if she would like oral both she and the husband replied yes in unison and I noticed he was ************ himself I could hardly believe what I was doing so I began to lick and flick her **** with my tounge while inserting two fingers just insided her bald ***** she was going crazy ,oh **** ME she shouted I looked at her husband he nodded,I was not sure the bed would take us both so I asked if she could just bend over it,what a lovely site all glistening and slightly open,I quickly inserted my **** and began ******* her as requested slowly at first but then far more intensly until I could take no more and spurted my *** deep inside her she yelled out as she orgasmed again and her Husband moaned as he shot his load once more.
I hugged his wife and she gently kissed me,then thanked me ,then told me this had been their fantasy for several years but they did not realise it would be as good as they had imagined ,which is why they were a longway from home,they gave me £200 which I tried to refuse but they told me this was a once in a lifetime expierience (which was a little dissapointing).
She rang me a week later just to say thank you again and to tell me that their sex life was better now than it had ever been.
I wish I could get more work like this :-)
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Let me understand this? Nude but not Rude? Oh, I get it...when consenting adults agree on these type of terms it's not really 'rude' even though it's as I say, 'naked'...<br />
<br />
My usual way is to say not 'lewd' but I've also told nurses in the hospital that I was not bashful but I wasn't rude...<br />
<br />
Either way you look at it...if you have to message a couple like this and be naturalist could you not participate...besides the money probably came in handy and you weren't paid for sex...were you? Dah!