Where To Find A Furry Friend To Cuddle

My need is great, and so is yours. But the most desirable options for fulfilling that need are, quite often, out of reach. The cute playful kitten, the happy puppy, the curious hamster, and even the cuddly rabbit can have their own needs, (aside from lots of love,) that we may be hard pressed to fill. As much as many of us would like to take home that furry friend, there are always costs, and limitations, to our getting close to that goal. But you must keep up the faith that your furry friend is just waiting for you somewhere.

If you do your research, you'll find that there are always options for finding the perfect furry friend. Many times our search turns out unexpected happy results. I know this sounds like your typical "Pets are a Big Responsibility" sermon, but you should, for your furry friend's sake, check out your options vs. your capabilities. I am, by no means, an animal expert. But I do know that there are always options available, however hidden they may be.

If you cannot take home a new furry family member, you may want to look into the many animal rescue missions, and volunteer. Or even help out a neighbor with their furry friend(s). If there are health issues, allergies and such, some of the popular pet choices have certain breeds that are less offensive to the common allergies or ailments. then again, there ARE natural cures for many of those, SO CALLED "incurable diseases," but that's another story.

Me? I miss having a cat around the house. At my parents' house I had a long hair black and white cat. He was a funny guy; he loved to cuddle and play, and didn't mind the occasional abuse from my young cousins. Since I moved away from home, I lived in apartments that required outrageous nonrefundable deposits for even a small furry friend. I now live with a human friend of mine, in a regular house, where we can do as we want, as far as furry friends go. But there again, we have a few things to work out, before that can happen.

Before I finish my story let me tell you about a whole different kind of furry friend that I discovered a few years back. Do you remember the old cartoons? The "Merry Melodies" & early Warner Brothers animated short films, or the many Hannah Barbera shows, and the old Disney animated features. Well an enormous, online based, fan group, has developed around these funny animal characters. For the most part, this fan group simply enjoys the antics of the funny animals or "Furries" as they are called. Many will have an alternate animal based persona used for interactive chat kingdoms. Some, either create or collect amatur / professional art, while others build elaborate costumes in which to act out their playful imaginations, for a short time at Furry fan conventions.

I merely mention The Furry fandom as one of many options for finding a furry friend to cuddle with. If that does not appeal to you, don't worry, they are not "out to get you," but they will be there if you are in need of a friendly scratch behind the ears. =^_^=
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