True Love

the girl whom u luv dosen't loves u....not matter tht u can't be in a relationship, if u have true feelings, understandings...than only u can find a true hrt beater for u!!! thiz is ma story, my love dosen't luv me, but i'm trying my best to serach the new 1. But it dosen't works, i thought that if i have good nature, feelings, pure heart...then i can find a girlfriend......but the luck dosen't work. I am shocked that most of the girls r just playing with their boy frnds, b'coz they r hvng more than 1.....WTF??? why they cn't stay with only 1, whts the big deal
chitranshi chitranshi
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

This sounds really sad don't give up i'm sure there will be someone out there who wants you just as bad as you want her

OH that's so sad message me