Never Fallen In Love Yet

As the title says, I've never fallen in love in my whole life. Well, my ''whole'' life... I'm just 16, but still. All of my friends are having a girlfriend or they've had one, or more. Everywhere I look around, I see love. Of course there are people who are less fortunate than I am, cause they are in love with someone they can't get. Though, getting the feeling of falling in love, eventhough that girl is not in love with me, would be great. Then my next stap will be getting a gilfiend for real.


I want to make something clear btw: It's not that I can't get a girlfriend :P Most people say I am very good looking and I am intelligent, very nice(never want to hurt anybody and am always helpfull and that kinda stuff:p), but I not a ***** at all :P And most people think I'm funny too. So that's not the point. I had to turn down a girl a few weeks ago btw, so that's not the problem.

That makes me come to an other point: the girl that was in love with me fell in love with (one of) my best friend(s). They are together since yesterday. It's not that I'm jeaulous because of the girl... He can have her:P But the problem is that this is his 6th girlfriend and I have had none.


People really wouldn't expect it from me, but I would really treat my girlfriend like she's never been treated before. At least, that's what I think. I've never seen someone treating his girl like I would. It's more like all guys are interesseted in having sex and having a girlfriend just to brag about how beautifull she is(it's very hard to brag about this for som guys though:P). Eventhough I would really like to have som sex, I would have to think about, just because I would want to protect my girl... For what? Idk:p

This is how I imagine it.


I might know where the problem is actually. It's because when I was young I lost contact with girls. When I was like 2 and 3 years old I had a girl a my best friend. When I was 5 years old, I had an other girl as my best girlfiend, but when she left to an other school, I had no girls as friends any more. I kinda never spoke to them. Since about a year ago I almost never talked to a girl. I think I was kinda nervous. Yeah, that's right, I used to be a nerd:P But since school ****** me up, I'm almost the opposite:P But the problem is that a had no skills in talking to girls and I really didn't know what to say and how I should say it. I didn't know anything about girls. A year ago I began to develop my skills in talking to girls again and I'm doing pretty well now I guess, but it's still hard for me to get along with just normal girls. I do get along with some, but not with all of them. I do get along with all the girls I've just recently met, but I've left just the wrong impression on the girls I've know for a pretty long time now and most of them don't think I'm worth being good friends with.


Thanks for reading:P Can I say you are a moron if you've read this whole story?:P Or you're just being nice and I appreciate that. Well, I'm glad I've got that of my chest. I've never told anyone this. The only thing I've ever said to some people is that I really want a girlfriend and that I've never even fallen in love. Guess I don't really talk about those things because I'm a guy;)

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Hey guys, I want you to know that the girl I turned down a month before I wrote this story, is now my girlfriend:D She broke up with my best friend and during their relationship and especially after their relationship we were best friends. We began to meet each other very often and after some time I realized I was in love with her as well, cause I had to turn her down again some time before that.<br />
The two of them broke up, because her ex wasn't treating her right. I've never seen anything like that before... They were always fighting and it seemed he didn't really love her. I learned being in love with each other isn't the most important thing in a relationship, love is.<br />
And now you're asking yourself: How does he treat her now? Well, she often tells me she is the happiest girl in the world and she says she loves me maybe even 30 times a day. In the beginning of our relationship she was amazed by the fact how nice someone could be as her boyfriend:P So I think I do pretty well:) I really love her, you can't imagine how much:)

I use to think of having a girl friend but I later got a friend who satisfy all my needs. I will advice you to make such person your friend. He is Jesus Christ. He saved me and washed my sins away.

I would be very happy to get a girlfriend,because im lonely.any first girl will be so much adored by me thanks .i love girls

Even the "love" you see around might not be real love. I've fallen in that fake love too. It's so consuming but in the end it's destined to fail. You should wait for a good girl to come along and be sure to take care of her. Relationships are always give and take. The right girl you're looking for could be closer than you realize. Just be patient.

well... i guess theres 236 morons so far. ;) wouldnt you rather save your love for when it becomes real rather than just the temporary ones now? i dont know what im saying. or what im talking about. but ive heard it before and for some reason it reminded me of it. weeeeirrrrrdddd... lalala im just typing nonsense now arent i? nonsense. sigh...