I Hate Being Single

I need a girlfriend not just for the love making but for my mind and my heart as well, but also the love making
jetjetson jetjetson
18-21, M
4 Responses Dec 17, 2006

i totally agree. i HATE being single. it sucks. to be honest. i pretty much just stopped trying after my ex cheated on me. is there such a thing as an honest man anymore? if there is, let me know...

been in love is....beautifull....been loved,,is like ,,,omg,,neitherdaless both things are so special,,worth waiting for,dont you thing...

all my best mates have got a girlfriend, i really want to have one and to be loved but i cant find the right girl, and even if i do,i proberly wont have much courage to ask her out . I get so pissed off

I have been married now for five years, andbelieve me I'm tired of being single too!! My husband is a good,kind man. Although he is lacking in the emotional phase of our relationship. Sometimes I wish I could start over.