Hypocrisy-a Love Story

When I go to facebook (dont anymore) I see quotes like "Never let your girl go" or "Make her feel loved" All coming from the wall of a 17 Year old girl who was s*** faced last night and slept with three different guys. Im not bashing every girl out there, but some of you need to step up. Guys are just as insecure as girls are, yet we have to always be the bold ones. Thats alright, but I want to feel attractive too. Why does a guy always have to write a love poem or story? Maybe I want to read one about me, maybe I want to be held for once, maybe I dont want to be treated like a dog where a girl acts like sex is some peice of meat that we always want. Stop assuming thats all we care about. Maybe we just want to hold you and relish in a compliment, just to recieve a small bit of closure. Maybe..
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3 Responses Nov 25, 2012

ahem, man. I cant take all the stupid bullshit out there.

I so agree with you, it's stupid men (almost) always have to make the first move just because it's supposedly the social norm. Then some women belittle those men who actually try or whine that that man they want doesn't approach them. They could do it too for once. Not saying all women do this though. :P

I agree with this.

good to see im not alone