The Lads I Meet Dont Want Relationships

Hi, im Leanne :) ermm, not actually looking to date one of you guys, I just need a boy to restore my faith in the male species. Admitingly, guys usually only want me for sexual reasons. Not because they think im funny, or interesting. Which is quite sad, coz im quite a nice person.

i just want someone to talk to, not a relationship! Because tbh, I think online relationships are weird lol.

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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Hi Leanne.
I'm gonna share some recent story with you.
Basicly, I met this women (she is 22).
We had sexual intercourse last friday at her's.
It was alright, and It wasn't my first time...
But then I looked at her eyes, and I could see deep down, that she was hiding something.
So I asked her, "Do you have a boyfriend?"
She said yes...and then it all came down for me...I was upset.
Obviously, she wasn't what I was looking for!
Then again I've realized, something that opened my eyes instantly about myself
Is that sex is not that much of a big deal to be honest.
Of course It has it's pros, the pleasure, the feeling close to the person, and etc.
but it isn't really what makes a relationship, and I have just recently realized that.
What really matters is, that in a relationship you have to be able to tell the truth 100% to your partner, because that's what really matters after all, having someone that you TRUST, near you, someone you can ACTUALLY TALK TO.
Because if you lie to your partner, why would you be in a relationship in the first place? you can basicly lie to anyone you want, so what will make the other person special for? Nothing.
And also, if the person doesn't have the maturity to tell the truth, then they also don't have the maturity to be in a relationship.

I hope that you can take something useful from this!

i get it if you want to talk email me at