After Reading This ( Please Dont Think Iam Desperate) , Its Just A Feeling

I really need a girlfriend right now. I feel like **** , i really do. I hope i am worthy for it . To be honest sometimes i feel really lonely and wish i had a girlfriend who will be there for me and i can share everything with her. She doesnt have to be super hot or super sexy. Iam not asking that. All iam asking is a great girl who will be there for me as i will be there for her. I donno if i deserve it or not. After my bad break up , i thought i wont need one , but i do, i really really do.

Where is she?
lonelysoul4444 lonelysoul4444
18-21, M
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im here if you need a friend :)

Hello my friend.

Message me if you'd like I am very lonely and I need a boyfriend

Hello:) do you remember me?

Hmm!! Well not so sure. Tell me pls :)

Merry Christmas !! :)

I'm will Maggie . Long time no text merry Xmas, it's a little late though

It's okay :) and wow I missed u!! Where were u?



hmm mystery girl :) , add me on fb or kik. How are u?

I'm good thanks! You?

i am okay :) thank u!! where have u been?

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You deserve to be happy dear:)