I might only be sixteen but I've gotten really desperate. Aren't there any chubby, nerdy, and gassy girls that would be happy to have a boyfriend? I wish I could find her. So I could show her how much I would love and appreciate her. I would write poetry for her, draw for her, play videogames with her and be there for her whenever she's feeling down or needs me. But know I'll probably never find anyone. I don't know what's wrong with me... but I guess I'm too ugly, naive, and weird to deserve a girl. Because no girls sem to like me at all.
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18-21, M
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Txt me

I may not be chubby but I'm not skinny but I like the sound of u .u seem really nice all the boy friends I have had has not done most of these things .I'm 15 plz if u wanna hang some time or kn more abit me give me a ring 44 7808 857105

I don't live in the UK, sorry. I really wish I could meet you though...

Oh ok but I hope we can just be texting buddies and I hope u find someone

When you're least expecting it she will fall into your life. Quit anticipating it, quit wanting it. Almost impossible at this age to not want love, but we are young and need the time to figure ourselves out first.

I can't stop wanting it. If I were able to I would. I've just barely ever felt what it truly feels like to be in love. I have what I think is love for someone until they only want to be friends. I have already figured myself out. I am a worthless husk a what better person could be, I've realized that very long time ago. I appologize deeply. But your words do not help much.