Life Needs a Meaning

I need something to help me get by life I feel like I'm wasting it away by doing nothing. I have serious emotional issues and are depressed I hate binge eating it destroys you completely what can I do
Sora Sora
18-21, F
3 Responses Jun 3, 2007

learn responsibility by adopting a dog/cat. They are great to have around when it seems like no one wants to listen.

Start by SMILING........ we can go from there....

It sounds like you are going through a very rough patch! <br />
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Have you ever looked into counselling or been to see a doctor? Depression can be a medical illness caused by an imbalance of chemicals in your brain, and if that is the case, then there are good treatments that can make getting yourself back on track a lot easier.<br />
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Aside from that, it might help to just talk a bit about your emotional issues in a safe space - the Experience Project is pretty good for that. Just looking around there are threads for survivors of abuse, of rape, and just for struggling with every day things. And sometimes just venting helps.<br />
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One simple thing you could do that I found helps me a little is just to refocus where your thoughts end up.<br />
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Make a list of the things that make you feel good (apart from binge eating!). And if you can't think of anything, sit there and think and think until you can :P And then think about doing those things makes you feel. And maybe even do some of them more often! <br />
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Anyway, I wish you luck! Stuff like this is never easy to deal with. But always worth it. :)