Long Hair Job

I am a very lucky man because I have experienced long hair jobfrom my sisters.I used to do long hair job while they are sleeping.And one day I cummed on the two sisters by wrappingthe two hairs together around my penisbut they thought something else.Even I used to do long hair job behind them when they are awake.One of my sisters have agreed to give long hair job when I pleaded her.But the other sisters hair is so long and silky that I cannot stop doing long hair job even my other sister agreed to do the hair job.

dadaxyz dadaxyz
18-21, M
6 Responses Mar 13, 2010

hey bro check dis out

wow!!! you are so lucky to have all the fun in the family.

Hope to join you some time in all that action, if you allow.


i want your 2 sister's braid to feel my ****

wow , after reading this i would love to know your sister .. do u mind introducing me to her ? ^^

give me your one sister. i like long hair very much to ****.

wow!!lucky guy..tell us more about your experiences<br />
anymore girls/women besides your sisters that have offered you a hairjob