I need a new book or series to get hooked on. I love to reread book and find details I might have missed the first time. I love almost all types of books.
Any good books anyone can recommend?
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Might not seem like the type of book you would read, but once you get into it, it is pretty good...is a series
Girl with the dragon tatoo...
I also read alot, reread reqularly

It's not a famous book series (although it is a best seller), but if you'd like a new science fiction series to read, here's a brand new one: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J0DZB48

I'm trying to get reviews for my book, so I'm kind of advertising it so sorry about that. You might like the "Women's Murder Club Series" by James Patterson too, but I don't read a lot of serials since I started writing one. ^-^'

Toooo many to list! But I will just put down a few fictional ones that I can still remember as being memorable - in no particular order at all, except, perhaps, for the first, which remains a favorite.

The Book Thief - with the oh so adorable saumensch.
The Time Traveler's Wife - kind of an aching thing.
The Things They Carried - war book, but not that kind.
Hunger Games Series - just req'd reading for your gen.
The Metamorphosis - Kafka - req'd reading in gen.
Memories of My Melancholy ****** - Marquez(! need I say more)
Les Miserables - long, but so very good.
Pretty much anything from Camus, but The Plague, at least.

Those are just off the top of my head.

I will check them out :) thank you!

I highly recommend the 'Alex McKnight' novels by Steve Hamilton.
They are so well written and the characters are wonderful.

Thank you!! :)

Do you like supernatural-related or romance books orrrrr supernatural romance books? Because Karen Marie moning' Fever series is probably the best of the best. Also, I know it's reputation was basically ruined by the movie, but I truly love the Vampire Academy series.

But then again I am addicted to YA lit....

Also, if you've never read the hunger games series, DO IT.

I have read the hunger games, love them. I also read the divergent series (except the third I haven't gotten there yet so if you have read it, DONT SPOIL! Lol)
I do mostly like romance but anything really if it has a bit of romance. Thanks for the suggestions!

Definitely go for Karen Marie Moning. The Fever series is probably my favorite series ever and even her stand-alone highlander books are awesome.