I Really Need to But...

I am so depressed I just need to cry my heart out, I know it will make me feel a little better afterwards. The trouble is I am on Prozac which at its best only makes me feel numb and I just can't cry! It's like all the tears are trapped behind my eyes but just wont come. I hate this medication, i'm going to see my doctor so hopefully he can do something about it because I JUST NEED TO CRY!!!!!!
thesoundofsilence thesoundofsilence
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 9, 2007

hello - excuse the ignorance but does prozac make you not able/want to cry?? I hope you feel better. Crying helps I think.... sometimes I cry rivers and wonder when I will stop. It does make you feel a little lighter so I hope you can cry soon.<br />
Hope you feel better in general soon - you are a vital part of the planet - everyone is, so take courage and smile - every if its only for a second because that it supposed to make you feel a little better. ;)

I hope you can get everything worked out.