Mmmm I'm a good girl and I do what I'm told. :)
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Hi how are you? I'm kevan from California. I love wetting my diaper and other stuff. You sound like you would be a fun friend :)

My wife was just ragging on me because I'm so controlling. She has no idea ... no job, no kids, just does whatever she pleases and just spends my paycheck while I'm at work getting the next one. Controlling?... she has no clue.

Love obedient girls

And I love controlling guys

Hiw dirty can you go??;P

Well I do whatever ... Hehe and I mean whatever I'm told

I would love to test that then ;P

Then you should ;)

Dont tempt me;P im just imagining filling up your tight *** with ***.

Mmmm and if I want you too.

Could be alot of fun. Only get filthier from there :P

Sounds like a blast :)

I want to **** while my **** is deep up your ***

Mmmmm I would love that :D

Then you can fart it back out of your *** into my mouth.

Mmmmm I like the sound of that

After that ill have you doing dirtier things to yourseld

Mmm what kind of things? ... Message me?

Ya add me :P

K :)

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