Want A Healing Massage Find A Person Who Combines Reiki With Pressure Massage.it's About A Hundred An Hour But It Is Really Life Changing.i Fell From A 30 Foot Ladder And Fell Flat On My Back.

I fell from a 30 ft ladder and landed flat on my back,and was told never would I be able to do physical labor again.After seeing a reiki massage artist I was back to cleaning houses hauling scrap metal and everything else I want to do.I also have fibromyalga and rhem arthits in second stage and reiki helped tremendously with that also.I believe in it so much I became a reiki master and started helping others.
 It's usually about a hundred an hour but certainly worth it for the life changing experience,usually you can find one in the metaphysical sections
Takesfaith Takesfaith
36-40, F
Jul 30, 2010