my back is killing me anyone wanna help me?
NightHuntress NightHuntress 18-21, F 8 Responses Apr 19, 2012

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Are you in bay area of California?

your all losers! -

I love giving females all over massages. starting at the back of the neck i work down their body to the feet, turn them on to their backs i work back up the body from the toes to their neck.i use my fingers, my tongue and my lips as i stroke and lick and kiss every cm of their body, sucking each toe and each finger, sucking and nibbling on their breasts teasing their nipples only fleetinly touching her ***** saving that for last. i love to kiss her neck and throat, to suck and nibble her ears.

Can I do it naked? ;)

nahhh thats baddddd lol ;)

Fine. (pouting) We'll do it "your" way. :)

yay :) lolz

Can I at least take off my shirt? Wouldn't wanna get oil on it. :)

Well, I guess you're not gonna add me. And since I can't write on your whiteboard now, I should probably just give up on you. Sorry for the bother (I just wish you'd told me you weren't interested. No matter). Bye.

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I'll help your back if you'll help mine :)

Sure I have hard and strong hands. =)

I dont like using oil ill bring my body butter

i have a body pillow will that work? and i think i have oil...

I love Body Pillows =)