The Law Of Attraction

I am a pilot and have layovers all over the world. I have seen the Law of Attraction work when it comes to meeting friends who want to share massages.

My massage experience started with a knee injury and meeting a masseuse in Flushing. That was 6 years ago, and we are still best of friends. We email once a week, minimum. I wish she didn't move 3 hours west of Washington DC. The Dulles layover for me is only 14 hours and I have no wheels!

We share the same goal, of achieving the ecstasy level of consciousness. Our spirits are in these bodies to experience life, the good and the bad experiences. Massage is the best experience.

Name your city and maybe I have a layover there.

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Your welcome in corpus Christi, tx, iam massage therapist building up my business. My name is Richard, LMT, moving to a new location. Let me know if interested. I have always want to learn how to ly an airplane .

Nice Read & Thanks :-)

Thank you. I am so grateful. Namesté.