Massage, Such A Vital Importance Rarely Taken..

I trained in massage therapy.  I learned what an incredible thing the human body is, what it is capable of.

So little time is spent taking that time for ourselves.  I am guilty of it myself.

The stress, and tension I hold in my body, seldom finds it's release.  Massage is a wonderful form of relaxation.  Hell, I hope that all who practice the art of therapeutic massage do so with care and love - as you give away a tiny piece of yourself when you do.

The human touch is a precious one, a hug can lift a mood, shield one from pain for an instant.  I feel the same is true of massage.

So do it often, look after yourself and please don't see it only as an indulgence - because you are worth it!


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I am currently going to school for a career in the health field and understand exactly what you're saying about how amazing the human body is. To bad they don't teach more about anatomy and physiology in high school. I think that people would live much healthier lives if they were better educated on the human body.

Amen Harley! Thanks for the comment!! :)

Too many people see massage in a negative light, or associate it with the wrong idea. I agree, especially those who provide bodywork need to be extremely diligent about taking care of their own bodies and receiving massage as often as possible. <br />
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I'm a student at a Massage Therapy school here in CA, was not too far from graduating until I had to take a medical LOA, and I'm going back next week. Massage as well as Acupuncture, Acupressure and CranioSacral Therapy have been imperative to my recovery.<br />
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Take good care of yourself (bodyworkers) and you can take excellent care of others. Anyone else should just indulge themselves in a massage at least once a month, the stress alleviating qualities it has are extremely cathartic.

A good massage is SUCH a wonderful thing. <br />
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Like a full service and MOT on a car - gets everything back to where it ought to be and as long as I can lie there for an hour or so after without having to drive, it's a full-on counselling session for my body too. I love it. <br />
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Oh; and my favourite masseur is a guy in his 70's ! Hands like small planets and extremely powerful when they need to be.

I am a Massage Therapy student who is feeling the stress of the course load that I am under. I've already paid the price near the end of my first semester since I now have a cold. And funny that I also got some good massages this past week. I usually do feel tension in the legs. Today, I haven't.

Could so do with a massage,like loving,touch,feeling calm and parts that are sore,someone lovingly soothing my body,not sex,borders on Sexual stuff but no,just the feeling of someone I care about+trust touching me and my body with beautiful energy-YUmmY