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I Really Need A Haircut

I want to get my hair cut very very short, ive always had it long, as I used to play in rock bands, but i have grown out of that and im looking for a nice short look. I really want to try clippers, over my ears, up my neck- i think they are awesome, but i am so nervous, I would love to find a real old fashioned barbers to get t done, hopefully in time for summer i would like some advice and encouragement. Help !! thanks
steveluvsclipppers steveluvsclipppers 31-35, M 2 Responses Feb 11, 2013

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I want a short cut

Believe me the clippers are nothing.... Talk about nervous, how about being 17 in high school & going to get a simple haircut. Then, some older lady beautician about 65-70 yrs old takes you back to a back room, bundles & towels you up like an old lady getting a permanent and shampoos your hair for 15-20 minutes... All this when you never had someone else wash your hair before, or never got your hair washed before a haircut .... it had some unique reactions and sure did leave an impression on me 20+ years later... Don;t worry,, the clippers will be fine!! If you dont like it.. it will grow back and then you try someone different or another type of haircut.. If you got shampooed by this lady like I did..... trust me THAT will stay with you.. .