S.O.S Please Someone Help Me!

I'm a little over the top with the title, lol. But, I am serious about the concept. I need a helping hand. Sometimes I feel as though I can't do everything on my own. Family and true, real friends should be the hands I grab when in need. I don't wanna feel alone in this world, when I'm not.

labrise labrise
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Sometimes we can be around people and still feel alone.Even though you may not believe it,your not alone.There is always someone who will be there to take your hand,to listen or to give you support.I've felt before how your feeling now.If you ever need a friend,I'm willing to chat.

my advice would be to find some friends new ones who do not know your past its liberating to be around people knowing you can be whoever you want. <br />
if you find its easier over the internet and u need to tak just rant if u want in a message to me im all my friends listen lady. i tuly believe that no one is ever alone