Under Pressure Much....

I remember a friend and I went to Chillis once with one goal and that was to hook me up with a cute server we had seen the weekend before. The night we went I could tell things weren't going to go like we thought since my friend and him started to flirt a bit. I was kind of sad about it, but quickly got over it since there was another cute server one section over and we had started to talk about music. He was really sweet and there was something about him that intrigued me. My friend and him started to talk about seeing the second Transformers movie, I really wasn't into that movie but I figured I might as well go just to get to know him better. After him and I talked some on our views on drinking and I gave him my phone number my friend and I began to talk some about the two guys. She said there was this connection between us and that even when he was talking to her about some band that she noticed that he made an effort to include me in the conversation. I thought he was real cute but thought that maybe he was only looking for some friends since he told us that he just recently moved to our hometown. After dinner was over my friend walked up to our server, the one she had been flirting with, and asked him to join us to see Transformers so she wouldn't be a third wheel at the movies. I was kind of embarrassed since she was all well with them connecting like they did number and felt that maybe this friendly invitation got turned into something it never should have turned into. Needless to say, we never did go to see the movie since they never contacted us but it was a nice night of meeting new people.

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1 Response Nov 2, 2009

I enjoyed your point of view and how you described your perception through this story.<br />
I'd like it if you wrote more like it. It was interesting to read.