Tha Progress...too Slow

THA (R) Oct.11/12. uncomplicated. The operated leg is 1.5 cm longer now than the other.(Dr. Said no problem..we'll match the other one when the other hip is to be done)
I have been aggressive with the physio since six weeks post op.I can do all of the exercises, but I have not been able to walk any distance without a cane without the joint feeling sort of "seized" , and cramping. Anybody else have this? I am now at the 12 wk.mark, and the Dr. Has told me to walk more- using no cane- as an " endurance" thing. I am bummed that I have not been able to walk normally since the surgery. I can walk 3km.on a treadmill( holding on), but only about a few hundred feet without cramping up. Soft tissue delay???
Not crazy about the next hip.....
Suegb Suegb
Jan 6, 2013