Something to Do, That Works For My Mind!

I really wish there was some kind of hobby that was inexpensive, but keeps a hold on your train of thought, that would help me get through my rough hours, I can' t knit, too frustrating, i already check out up to 28 books when i go to the library. I was beading and really enjoying creating jewelry. But i have lost the drive and passion, just as quickly as i got it.

Is there anyone out there that has suggestions for someone like me. Frustrated a majority of the time, but once i find something thato like to do  and stick with it, it sooths and calms me!

41-45, F
4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

What about gardening?<br />
Even tending a few plants if you have limited space or ability can make you feel good, especially if you choose plants that you can eat :D

Have you tried painting?<br />
i know you might thing that its hard but if you pick up a bob ross video and fallow him, man , you'll be painting great in no time! <br />
scrap booking is fun <br />
pottery is great fun too <br />
hope that helps :)

I thought about becoming a guardian adlitem, I think i will check it out, it's an advocate for children who are abused and neglected. Thanks for helping me remember!

Have you thought of doing volunteer work? That is something that was suggested to me and I am going to start doing it soon. I have the same problem. I want something to keep my mind occupied but I get bored easily. <br />
<br />
Good luck in finding something. :)