I Need A Hobby Despretly!

I need a hobby REALLY bad!
My parents are goign nuts! They think sitting like 4h in total a day some now and then is WAY to much. there gonna talk to my school and social services.
I need a hobby that will get me away from the computer. I dont sit much but they think I do.
Something that has to do with sports or animals. I got a dog and a cat but I dont know.
Please an answer as soon as possible.
Shadowscar Shadowscar
22-25, F
4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Defo do archery yeah!


I like archery, mabey if your near I lake where they do sailing lessons learn get your own dighy (some are like 500 pounds for a decent sailing dinghy) and then you could do fishing or sown other things, plus it's very relaxing

Hmmmm, well depends do you live near bushes or beaches or in the city

Farmcountry, with a tiny river and a tiny forest.