God I Need a Good Long Holiday


The last time I was on a real holiday was when I was 4 I spent 3 months traveling around the eastern side of Australia from Victoria to Queensland it was so much fun camping staying on the beach it was the best time in my life then when we got back I started school and dad was back at work, that was the last time I had a proper holiday,  I did go away to Canberra for a week with my class at school but it wasn't a real holiday, after I left school I would go to Melbourne and spend the weekend in Melbourne with my friends, I spent a week in a small town in my friends grandmothers house but we were cleaning it out and moving everything  so really none of them have been holidays and now I haven’t been able to leave the house without someone beside me for the past 8 months so I think after everything is figured out and when I have a car and am at least on my P plates my friend and I will go on a road trip  and a holiday to relax and recharge our batteries

bubble24 bubble24
22-25, F
Mar 8, 2009