Frank Lloyd Wright

I never understood why his architecture was so loved. I mean besides Falling Water in PA the others didn't seem so fabulous. That is until I visited one. From the outside it was a one story with unique window designs. When standing on the inside I can't explain it, it was just something about the structure that just spoke to me. It was relaxing and comforting. He designed it to be very compact. There's no storage or attic space. This is a perfect home for someone that leads a minimalistic lifestyle. It was actually built in the 1950's, yet it still looks modern today.

I love well built architectural buildings. They speak to your soul just standing inside them. Like you're one with the structure. This is the type of peace that's really needed into todays society where there is very little of that in other parts of our lives.

4vrUnique 4vrUnique
Jul 31, 2010