You Need Me Then!

I am a 24/7 house-hubby.  I do the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the car repairs, the lawn maintanence, home repairs, child pick-up, did I mention doing the laundry, dropping off & picking up the dry cleaning, buying my wife's lingerie (oh boy a treat).  So if you are a Lady in need of a submissive, capable  LONER house-hubby, let me know and if my wife's "honey-do" list is up to date then I am your personal pussywhip (yeah, I do windows & toilets too).

Handy in panties

PantyPrince PantyPrince
51-55, M
2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Oh "C" it could be so much worse for you, so buck up. After all your kids & grandkids could have grown up knowing & treating you as a sissy/slave/****/*** whatever, and she spared you that. She could make you say "thank you" after you suckle seed from her back temple (even if it was not placed there by you) for the privilage of doing so. Or having to thank her after serving as her toilet paper & potty boy. No my friend you have MUCH to be thankful for, just imagine the lives of other poor sissies.

I am my wife's Obedient Sissy Housewife. When at home I wear only feminine clothing. Of course, our children now have children of their own so our house is empty. My status is kept a secret between my wife and me, but even in public I am submissive to her. She controls our money, our sex lives and provides me with a "to do" list before she goes to work. This is a lifestylye arrangement we agreed to try of one year starting August of 2009. It seems to be working very well although I am required to obey her and am subject to her discipline. The hardest part for me is keeping my mouth shut when she telling me what I've done wrong and then having to "thank" her for giving me the opportunity to correct my behavior. It is so humiliating.