One Of The Reasons Why I Don't Opt For Long Distance Relationship.

We may talk and chat for hours, and see each other through webcam; but nothing beats a hug, a real hug, not a virtual one. >:D<
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@kindal: yeah, i miss 'em too. here's to having a real hug really soon *cheers!*<br />
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@Angeloflove44: you got my point. ;-)

Oh yeah, i know exactly what u are talking about, a person NEVER really knows another untill they meet face 2 face, the true feelings are so much more unique when you experience them 2gether AND see how they truly react, comfort you and the over all way they treat you as there friend, lover, partner and all the other things that go along with it. I do not believe a person truly know another until they meet face 2 face! :)