A Hug A Day, Can Make Someone's Day....

Its true, giving someone a Hug, without them having to ask for it, can really brighten someone's day, it can show someone that you are there for them,a nd you truly understand that they are hurting, and you are giving them the chance to trust you, and let you in, but at the same time, letting them know, that they are not alone, and that there is no reason to talk.

So to anyone, who could really use a hug tonight


because sometimes that is all you need.

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9 Responses Jul 6, 2010

awwe hugggggggggggggg

Yes I like when we hugged for the very first time, felt like I am home ....................................................... very long long hug!!!!

Just this morning, I met a friend who told me about the worries she has concerning her little girl's health. She's had sleepless nights and had to go to the doctor and hospital. Things seem to be under control now. I just said: "oh let me give you a hug!", which she did, and I hope it lifted her spirits up a bit.

A heartfelt hug is what i jst needed ... In fact, i hv bn feeling v.low lately .. Reading ur post has actually lifted my spirits.. Thank u. :o)

aww thanks i needed a hug, i got annoyed recently ( like 5-10 minutes ago) im ok now, it wasn't anythin for me to get all worked up about *sigh* i dunno how to explain it, i wont say on here i'll sound awful.

A BIG TIGHT ((((((HUG)))))) Back to you, NightWriter .<br />
Have a great day.<br />
Love n Hugs to all

((((hugs))))<br />
<br />

thanks and u r right..hugs back too*

(((((((HUGS BACK))))))))