Gf Left Me For A Married Guy :(

I am a 33-year-old butch.  I have a GF of 8yrs and we have been living together for 4 yrs now, until this guy came along.  He is actually her friend and I already met that guy when he went to our place (when he had a paternity leave after his wife gave birth to their 3rd child about 10 mos ago).  Never really suspected that something was going on between them.  But when she got into financial trouble and i had to talk to her family bout that, that's when I found out about her relationship w/ that guy. The guy is still legally married but separated a few months after the wife gave birth. I suspect the wife found out about the illicit affair that's why she left.  Neweys, regardless, the guy still has no right to be in another relationship as there is no divorce in our country.

I confronted her about what I learned and she admitted her mistake and admitted that something sexual already happened between them.  I was devastated. Although she assured me that the relationship she had with him already ended, she wasnt able to answer me when I asked her if she still loves him.

Right now, she went back to her family (same province where the guy is).  She said she wanted some space and some time to think about things.  She said she is confused coz although she loves me, there is also a longing for her to have children, she feels incomplete w/o it.  So now I'm in limbo.  Dont know how long I have to wait for her to realize what she really wants.  Still lover her though and I'm willing to forget everything bad that happened. Hope you guys could cheer me up a bit.  cant really share my story to my family as I know they would feel bad towards her and I dont want them to think of her that way.
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i'm so sorry. <br />
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i know i'm just an internet person, but i care, i feel your pain. i know what it's like to be involved with people that embarrass your (straight) family as well. it's hard to talk about it with anyone who would care. keep posting here if you need to. there are others here who may have good advice.