I Miss His Sweet Touch

it's been so long since i felt his sweet touch ...and in my mind i can still picture being in his arms and feeling all the love we shared ...the sweet smile that lit his face and the way he always said "i love you hunnybunny" but now i can only hear him in my heart ..for he has long left this world ..for another ..we said forever and meant every word of it ..he gave me his forever ..and now i'm left here alone to face this cold hate filled world alone
goodseemore goodseemore
41-45, F
3 Responses Jan 21, 2011

You are very blessed to have had that kind of love in your life! What a gift to be given by another person. I wish you more happiness in your life to come!

I know exactly what your feeling. I lost my fiancee last year to lung cancer. What I wouldn't give to feel his touch one more time. To hear his voice one last time. My heart aches for him every day. I'm so sorry for your loss! You are not alone.

I reported the last comment. I'm sorry that happened because your post was very touching, and I wish you the very best in finding happiness, while keeping wonderful memories.