Pretty Dam Sad

So today I went to dinner by myself.  While I was sitting at the bar in and waiting for my food to arrive I noticed a man kept looking at me.  He was with a woman and they were talking and every time I looked up he would be looking at me.  Now I have been pretty down a lot lately and thought I was covering up my feelings pretty dam good.  I guess when I'm a lone my guard is down and my true feelings show in my eyes.  So anyway my dinner comes out and I eat it and finish my beer.  I pay my check and this man and woman walk up to me.  The girl ask me If I'm ok.  I say I'm fine.   She then ask me if its husband problems and I say no.  Then ask if its girlfriend problems and again I say no.  The man looks at me and ask if i'm sure I'm ok.  I tell him its not bad and its not great its just is.  But it will all work out the way it should.  The girl reaches over and gives me a hug and says. You look like you could use a hug.  I don't know these 2 people but they took time out of their night to make sure I was ok.  Its nice to know that strangers care about people they don't know.  It made me feel good.  But at the same time It made me close myself back up and conceal my feelings behind that never bending mask of mine...  So I got a hug I really needed. even if it was by a stranger...
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Nothing like a hug. Glad there was someone there for you.

Angels come in many shapes, and sizes, beautiful! I believe you may have just encountered one...or two....

I do agree with you on that,. That day they were my angels...

To take a small wonderful gesture from a total stranger & use it to close urself off insead of letting your spirits rise is disgusting & pathetic, now, people arent even gonna wanna come near u knowing ur gonna do that

If you had read it and understood what i was saying. You wouldn't sit there and judge and insult me. I did say its nice to know that strangers care about people they don't know. What i meant by closing up was I closed off my feelings. So no would could see the hurt and pain I was in. What is disgusting and pathetic is you turning something very sweet and that touched my heart and making me out to be something i'm not. People like you are the reason I close up. I express my feelings and you turn around and insult me. You must be a very sad person to have to strike out at someone that is hurting, knowing your words are going to hurt them more. VERY VERY SAD. I really feel for you.

Standard reaction. Predictable. Figures..

Ok then why don't you tell me what i did wrong. You seem to be the expert here. I'm just the person that wrote it lived it and know about it. You have no clue what brought me to that day. The roads I have traveled in my life. So tell me what should my response be. You misunderstood the story and my reaction..

Its nice that strangers care about people they dont know, it made u feel good, but at the same time, it made u close urself back up ..??

Because most people in this world are cruel. It's safer to hide feelings than to show them. The cruel people of this world thrive on crap like that and i won't give them the energy or the ammunition to hurt me.. You for one turned a a lovely story around and made me out to be something i'm not. Made it sound like I was a coward and I didn't appreciate what they have done for me in that moment. Look back at what your wrote. It was cruel.. it proved my point about putting myself and my feelings out there for all to see. You threw them in my face with cruel words without knowing me or my background..

So ur saying u need to do a better job at hiding your saddness so people dont see


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your story was lovely ~ I miss hugs and sometimes I give hugs to people just because they need one ~ hugs are good ~ we have lost so much of the human connection ~ we live so far removed from each other ~ we need to start a hug movement ~ not a flash crowd but flash hugging !!!

it is nice to know that there really are kind people out there sometimes a hug or a talk from a stranger does feel better and some of the people in my life could careless<br />
how i feel so a hug from someone i dont even know would feel better than phonies like that other person said.

Yes it is. I have taken time out of my life to help those I don't know and it feels good to do that....

Add me and I will be there for you to hug.

I am on the road a lot and I find I miss physical contact. That doesn't sex. Just a few seconds inside of another person's aura.

Beautiful act! It reminds a recent thing that happened to me, when passing through a extremely depressing period. I was sitting in the subway, trying to mask out that I was crying, and a woman sitting across the train corridor gave me a paper tissue.. I will never forget this act, it made me believe that there are still very generous people out there.

I am glad you got a hug. Its was very nice of the couple.

You are welcome to pour the saddness in your heart out to me anytime you need to vent, or just need a friend. I would be honored to share your thoughts and feelings.

Glad you got the hug! Wish we were closer so we could get together and give you a great BIG Bear Hug!!

(((((((((((((lonelyheartofmine))))))))))))) Here's a hug from me to dear :) That was a great story about the sweet couple who comforted you. I wonder if you will see them at that resturant again some time. It was kind of them to stop and ask about you. I agree with Joeyfoxx that you should pay forward the love and hug someone else who looks like they need a hug. I wish you have much love come into your life from many people. You seem like a very sweet person and i'm sure you're loved by many :) xox

>_> Lucky I think people are scared of lonely me when I go out. I go out by myself all the time. I tend to bury myself is an electronic device of some kind though. Anyway it is always nice to know those people exist. Even if I am not that huggable.<br />
<br />
I would have a hard time not laughing when the person would ask me if it was significant other problems.

It's nice to hear that there are people out there that are willing to share a hug with a stranger that needs it. There IS hope left for humanity. <br />
I too am a hugger so i would offer the same.

Even????? No; Important that you got the hug from a stranger. When it would have been from someone you know, you wouldn't have noticed this clearly. And yes, there are still nice people out there, *hugg* xWanna

Nice to see such kindness still exists. If I went to ask a pretty girl if she wanted a hug, I'd probably just get a slap!!<br />
Just kidding - it's nice that they recognised your pain, and that you didn't throw it back at them when they asked. All in all, a good deed...

you don't see those ramdon acts much anymore. it's good to read that htere are still caring people out there. thanks for sharing.

Awesome story! I wish we were the couple! I am so glad you received a hug! Here is a online, internet Bear HUG! <br />
Keep on smiling!

Wow that gives me renewed hope in humanity. I think you were touched by angels as a message to tell you to be who you are and find those who will accept you and be there for you. Strangers at a bar or nameless faceless people on ep that truely care about you are better friends that a hundred phonies that tell you what they think you want to hear and then forget all about you.<br />
Thanks for sharing this experience.<br />

Nice to know that you could get a little support. You deserve it.