Its Been A Very Very Long Time

lately things have been just going wrong in my life, and i have been feeling depressed. i just want a hug, but i am usually not the kind of person who gives hugs to others easily even to family members, and yet i desperately want a hug. i can just feel it really, almost a physical longing for a hug, im sure some of you know what this is like if your in this group. its not that i never got any hugs, but as i got older i started to become more withdrawn and isolated myself from people more. now i feel it would seem strange to other people in my family if i were to suddenly change, and yet i want to. maybe i should start giving more hugs if i am to get more hugs. now for some reason giving hugs makes me feel awkward, but i dont want to feel that way, it seems very one sided of me to want hugs and yet not be willing to give hugs, so i will try and see if i can give more hugs, and try not to seem so distant from people.

i just want a hug,
SummerDragonfly SummerDragonfly
18-21, F
Sep 4, 2011