A New Friend

I never thought i would make a friend like this lady in my story, i never thought i would find any proper friends on line actually,but i have, i met this lady a few months ago, i am a lot younger than her, i like to talk to older women as they a less childish than the people my age, i prefare sensible conversation, im not into sex chat but may ask advise about it, but anyway i met this amazing woman on line and the more we chatted the better we got on, in no time i felt id known her for years and as time went on i must admit i developed a bit of a crush on her, i did mention this to her as i told her i would always be honest, i asked her jokingly if we could ever meet, she said yes id like to meet you, i thought she was joking at first and asked again a bit later, now i never thought it would ever happen but i started imagening what it would be like if i did meet her, she had mentioned coming to the uk for a holiday so i thought this would be a great chance to meet her, she was coming to London fortunatly we have relatives in london so i would arrange to go there for a weekend for when my friend was coming, anyway the time came quickly and i was off to meet her at covent garden tube station in central london, i could not believe my eyes when i saw her, she was more beautiful than i imagined she was amazing, anyway we set of around the sites of london, the london eye, the tower, buckingham palace had lunch in st james park, i was a lovely sunny day, it was perfect, i couldent take my eyes of her, then we had dinner in an open air resteraunt in covent garden were we met that morning, i thought it was the end of the day,and was preparing to say good bye but she asked me if i wanted to go tt her hotel for a coffee and a chat, i agreed with no hesitation as she is such a lovely woman to talk to and spend time with and not once did i think of anything naughty not even in the hotel ,like i said earlier im a lot younger than her anyway, so off we go to the hotel, i was looking forward to talking to her and spending more time with her which was great there we were chatting away and drinking coffee when she brought up a subject we spoke about a few weeks ago about massage and how i said it was a thing i wanted to do but was a bit shy about doing in other word what happens when a young boy gets aroused, i told her i would be petrified of that happening to me, anyway she had brought this up and asked, if i would like a massage to see how it feels and what its like, i was very nervous and jokingly said yes i if can massage you aswell so i got undressed but left my boxers on and let her proceed, it was a great massage and i dident know why i was worrying about it yes i did get a little aroused but at least i had my boxers on to spare her the view , then i attempted to massage her, she had left her undies on and again i couldent think what all the fuss i was making was about and yes again i was a little aroused but it dident really bother me as she told me it would be natural for a boy my age, anyway im not sure she noticed, so after a few more coffees and more chat our day had come to an end and it will be a day i will never forget for as long as i live and i hope we remain friends for a long time, i am always here for you
jameshyron13 jameshyron13
13-15, M
May 21, 2012