Love Hugs!

I feel like this most days!

I often get a lil low just thinking about my problems n sometimes just want a reassuring hug!
Off anyone just so i know they are with me to help n support me!

My lil 4 year old nephew is spot on with his cuddles! We are amazingly close and he knows everytime my confidence drops, or im a lil depressed its like he shares it with me! n he gets up from what he is doing n gives me a hug n a kiss!
n then goes back to his drawing, tea etc! its beautiful!

Actually one day i was on my way home on the bus and i was really upset as it was a crap day at work n i felt really stressed n unappriciated n i got a phone call off sandra (my stepmum) saying Georgie wants a word! He came on the phone n he told me he was giving me a hug n a kiss! blew a kiss down the phone told me he loved me n hung up! i managed to hold back the tears before getting off the bus but when i did cry i couldnt stop!

I couldnt believe how wonderful he was n how it was so wierd that he knew thats all i needed to pick up my spirits n not be sad anymore!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 14, 2007