Feeling Down And In Search For A Long Hug

since mid to late March of this year my 19 wife ran off with a 50 year old bloke she told me that she didnt love me at all like husband and wife sould do, and she lied to me bout her rings i brought her, me aparentley attacking her in my sleep i no i dont do that, i use to enjoy the good times where i got hugs, cuddles, kisses the lot and i miss those and when i see people in the street hugging, kissing cuddling its like rubbing my face in it.

Me and my wife have split up and we live sepatley and every time i think of her i get angery, upset and want to do stuff what im not gunna say here, i just want to b loved agian by a new person, i want to b hugged when i want it and they want it, i want cuddles in the evening when we watch tv together, i miss those days.
youcantseeme84 youcantseeme84
26-30, M
Jun 30, 2012