How I Need It Right Now

I am totally heartbroken.
why this should happen to me.
I have never hurt anybody in my life in anyway.
I have always been kind, generous, affectionate and what not.
But still life did not offer me what I need most.
The Love.
I fell in love for first time in my life and the result has completely shattered my hopes.
Does love create so much pain.
Is loving the person you like the most wrong.
If loving is wrong then what else is there in life.
Moving on to next is so easy to say and forget the past, but practically is it possible.
They say life teaches us a lesson by making mistakes and to help correct in future.
Is loving a mistake.
Initially I was so afraid to fall in love having seen several friends and few in family some have faced success and few failures.
I just wanted to be away from falling in love.
But destiny had its own plans.
It did happen to me too.
I fell in love.
The word 'love' to say it looks very
simple , but....wowwwww just imagine the powers it has. Even I could not resist it.I was and am totally captured by love.It makes a person say so many sweet things.
It mesmerises a person completely and brings in the happiness which cannot be held.
But when the heart with love is just thrown away like a watermelon smashed to ground..and not considering as a loving heart......well where did the love go away.
If love had to be rejected like this...then why did the destiny lead to this.
does it make destiny happy and laugh, having achieved its making a person fall in love and completely heartbroken.
why fall in the question which arises.
is there any answer to this.
will the destiny answer or does it have any more surprises for a heart broken person!!!
youngmoon youngmoon
31-35, M
4 Responses Aug 14, 2012

very heartfelt write ...

Don't even try to think that you're doomed to failure. This irony of destiny will happen as long as mankind will live. It's not the matter of badluck, you just didn't meet the right person, nevertheless you have to be ready for the next time not to let the chance of your happiness slip by.

Thank U for giving me confidence.

I just got broken up with by my gf in the Philippines. She fantasizes that I am running around with different women here, but I have been absolutely faithful to her for 5 years and I loved her with all my heart. I can't understand why she did this to me, why she is so delusional and believes all this bs about me. It is all in her head, but I am left alone now and I can't trust her again.

Believe it or not - its all stepping stones... You may hurt now but in time it will pass and you will fall in love again...