I Need A Hug

I lost my mam in july she was only 57. It learnt me life is to short so iv now left my partner. With 5 kids I feel lost
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Thank you for your story. I am in the same boat because I lost my mother in 1997. I miss her so much. I cry myself to sleep at night still thinking of her. Yes, I loved smiling, hugging, and kissing her very much. I am a wreck at times because she is gone.

Please see my story about the loss of my mother and how much she meant to me.

Good luck. Here is a smile, hug, and a short kiss.


I'll give you a hug. That's a lot of hurt all at once there, for sure. Right, you're going to have to be your toughest yet. Make sure you keep yourself fit and healthy, try to get some sleep and keep thinking one positive thought every day, one day at a time. Good luck. If it don't break you, you WILL be stronger.

Thankyou I know u are right I am just strugglin to stay strong

When I feel like that, I try to Imagine myself beginning to grin. Then it turns into a smile. Then you have a chuckle and then you have a big fruity laugh and then you're in hysterics and tears are strolling down your face. When I get to that point, I just think what's worrying me is just farcial and I have a good laugh at myself. Either that, or I listen to the three tenors and cry out some of that excess emotion. Hugs.