Alone In A Group.

I consider myself a very lucky person, I have many "best" friends. By this I mean most of the people I know have say 20 people they could call their 'Friends' (people that they like, they enjoy being around, things like that) and 1 maybe 2 'Best Friends' (people they are open to, that they go out of their way to see, do things they dont with their other 'friends')
When I call myself "Lucky" I mean that I have 6 'Best' friends. These friends I could not live without, they are like my brothers and sisters. The Problem with these groups it that with me in them there are three people, a couple (two people going out) and me. Although I really enjoy myself around them and there is nothing awkward about my third wheeling ways every time i am with them and after I am with them I feel Extremely lonely.
One thing that does not help is that these couples are only together because of me, i became friends with the two people separately, brought them together and they started going out.
Inkletblot Inkletblot
18-21, M
Jan 21, 2013