The Love Of My Life...

Hmm the love of my life..

How to describe..

Although we not together anymore, she still means the world to me, she is still my world.

We were together for quite a while and got engaged. That was lie so the best day of my life, because it was so sweet and i made promises to her which i never thought i make and yet still i kept to them and still do..

She always knew how to make my day and how to make me feel better, she is just the best ever and i love her for whom she is, not for what she looks like. She's got this amazing personality and she's just the best ever, gosh i love her so much and i wish she could see that i'll fight for her till the end.

I want to be her wife and the mother of her children one day and i just want her too see that i'll never leave her side no matter what.. Being engaged to her made me feel so special, it was so the best day and she was so sweet and made me cry, and yet still am i crying of sadness and heartache...

I wish i could show you how sorry i am for the stupid stuff i did, the stupid things i said, the stupid moods i had, just all of the stupid things that happened between us.. I really just want to show you what you mean to me and how much i care, i just want to show you the love i have for you, i just want you too see your never alone, if you just take my hand, ill hold you in my arms and let you feel my heartbeat while i'm with you, to show you even my heart loves you...

I'm really sorry and i hope you can forgive me someday... :(
imjustanordanirygirl imjustanordanirygirl
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013