I Am Desperate For A Hug

I welcomed the new year with hopes of dreams coming true. It crashed just 2 days from then. I got my CAT results. A damn poor score. I wont make it to any of the top 30 colleges i applied for. Worst, those are the only colleges i applied for. I might have to put my dreams to do an MBA to rest. Some more exams are yet to be done. But today, I dont have the strength to look at the future. I am trying to be optimistic, but it's so hard. I feel so down, so much in need of a strong arm to hold me tight, to pull me up if I fall.

I need a hug. I am desperate for one.

unchainedmelody unchainedmelody
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9 Responses Jan 3, 2007

<('-')> cyberhug!!!
:) i wont let go dont worry
unless you need me to

Don't give up. Big hug!

Don't give up on your ambitions! I'm getting my MBA in 5 months, and you should've seen the rut I'd worked myself into beforehand. I almost dropped out of college, and my situation looked hopeless. Nothing went to plan, and I had to change my approach a bunch of times. Yet here I am.<br />
<br />
By the way, if you're starting college, you can always to go community college for 2 years then transfer to a 4 year with a better name. A lot of my classmates at UCLA did that, and at the end, their diploma was still from UCLA.<br />
<br />
So have hope. :) You'd be surprised at what you can do if you just don't give up.<br />
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Hugs, You never know what your future is to be. We don't alway see the wonderful things that God has planned for us.

A big HUG to you.

don worry dear.It's not the end of the world and I am saying this from my own experience.I was in your shoes 10 yrs ago and life is not so bad today so good luck and heaps of hugs.


I like giving hugs, so.....**hugs**