Me Need Hug And Friends

i wish i could hav a reill hug......

i giv to you a good empithetic hug from me a disterb and cunfusd guy that needs a rill friend to hang with and even where diapers with

pleas do not jude me....

im very sensitiv read my storyes and stuf

beeeriy beeeriy
18-21, M
6 Responses Mar 15, 2010

i no you wouls fox i no yor a good frend

i would if i wasn't so far away : )

thanks guys still...wish it was reill but beger cant be chosers=(

We all need a hug ><,

thanks bella......i hope this isent a werd question but do you play wow?

i'm touched i need a hug too we have something in common i wish you the best with your hug