I Need A Hubby

am 21,nid sm1 2 lv ,nd 2 lv me back

maurynclaire maurynclaire
4 Responses May 20, 2010


hi me want to know more about you i am ready for your puposal.<br />

I'll be 29 on 21-11-2011.I want to settle down. If we are a little compatible.because no 1 can b fully.I'm male, lives in lagos & works.call me on 07060764048 or BB=305DOA11 or fortunes_amaechi@yahoo.com

Well in the meantime you can come and have fun with me on cam at www.webcams.com/2IrishPotatoes<br />
I hope you find what your looking for<br />
Kisses and Hugs<br />