Need A Husband To Love And Be Loved

i am lookng for a husband to love me and to be loved back. I would perfer one who had a little bit of cash as I have none at this time,. I am finishing my pht program and will continue towards my pharm D. I am a 40 year old caucasin female, 5'5" blue eyes long red hair. My ideal man would have time in his day to spend with me.....and time during the week to travel with me as well. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO FITS THIS DESCRIPTION, PLEASE SEND THEM TO

aliceinwonderment aliceinwonderment
36-40, F
3 Responses Feb 13, 2010


a pesonal protection order lol

hmmmm, maybe not. but I am wondering why you would say that.? I feel like at least with the internet I dont have to get any PPOs.