I Ve Had A Major Set Back And Looking For Work-can Anyone Help!

I have been waiting for this particular job to come through for months. Jumping through all the hoops waiting  waiting and waiting. Finally, I approached the company asking for  the answer. They replied 2 days later with a thankyou but no thank you. no reasons no nothing.... SO here I am with all the energy time and money invested gone...

Still without work and rent 2 months past over due - bills the same an empty fridg...and wallet...I dont know what the hell I am going to do...I have extending circumstances as to why  just any fast food place 'job' wont do....I live in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA- INLAND EMPIRE- THE CITY OF UPLAND... if you are in or around me and can help with this situation...forever I will be in debt- please reply for experience and qualifications if interested.
please let this work...I am out of Ideas...
thanks for reading
nethingunderdasun nethingunderdasun
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

what state do you live in

man im in the same boat and i have 4 kids and a wife to support.<br />
im also looking for a career change since construction dried up.<br />
and i dont think it will get any better soon. i think im gonna have to swallow my pride.<br />
and work for minimum wage but thats not gonna support my family or house thats probably gonna be taken away soon by the bank. help me tell me what to do