Dislike New Job

Help I changed job for a promotion and I am at a new company.  It's the worst environment I've been in, people seem so nervous and untrusting.  Main boss is married but everyone seems to know he's sleeping with a coworker.  Many new people and there is a bunch of pressure to reach this big deadline coming up .  uggg I have to get out fast...  Sorry for the rant.  Can't sleep.  Meanwhile I should be happy to be employed right?

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3 Responses Feb 8, 2009

I know how you feel! I'm thankful to have a job when so many don't but Its unreal here. <br />
I was brought on with the idea of a raise after 90 days and insurance, never received either ,year later. I came in and the power be shut off cause of non payment. I went without phone service for a month cause they didn't pay the bill. They finally sold to a company that pays the bills on time but not me. I never get my check on time. Its always 1-3 days late, when you get paid bi weekly and count on that money for gas and food its tough! I'm here 5 days a week my manager is here 2 days a week if she even comes in. I do it all here. When she does come in its only for a few hours and no work is done. <br />
I catch all the crap when it hits the fan. Their files that are incomplete cause of paperwork she hasn't done. I beg her to show me how to do it and I do it all., its always put off.<br />
So i understand having a crummy job but needed it too. I apply everywhere, everyday! Im still here! I take a retail job at this point just to get out from this!

Damn right you should be thankful you have a job,10% of the US work force that no longer have jobs would be more than glad to be in your position,if you do not like it,quit and let someone who really wants a job take it over.