Just Writing....

   Being the Holidays everybody is busy with this and that and so am I but that's on purpose. I'm trying to keep myself busy so I don't have time to think. Thinking makes me cry way too much. I need a vacation but for one reason or another I can't do that. So, what do I do? I run away from the world by staying busy....how stupid is that? Retorical...I know it is.

  I have a full time job, I've picked up part time job #1 about 8 hrs a wk, it will vary, but minimum will be 6. And I just excepted another part time job. This one minimum is 4 hrs a wk. So it's not a lot of extra time or money for that matter, but, it does and will keep me busy. Not sure if that's good or not. I do not have any other obligations so it's not like there is a lover or family member that will suffer from my abscence. In fact that's probably one of the main reasons I have done this, there is nobody but me. Yes, I do have a few friends, really only one that we hang out on occassion but other than her, it's the occassional emails from a person here and there. I do look forward to reading those emails but, it's still not a person to laugh, to cry, to shop, to drink, to eat with in real time.

  There is nothing wrong with alone time, meditation time an dsuch, but my living situation is funky for me and I don't like spending time here, so, I might as well work, make a few extra dollors an d stay busy.

  Well pretty much just wrote this because I hadn't posted anything in a bit and I'm taking my time getting going today.

  Everybody have a great Holiday!! and thanks fo reading this and other posts.

jrabbit1321 jrabbit1321
46-50, F
Dec 22, 2009